The "Paolo Vagliasindi" civic museum is an archaeological museum in Randazzo (province of Catania). The museum is housed in the Castle "ex prison", it was built in the seventeenth century and in 1973. Previously the headquarters were that of the Palazzo Vagliasindi, damaged by a bombing of the Second World War in 1943. The museum collects artifacts from the VI-IV century BC, from the nineteenth-century collection by Paolo Vagliasindi, found mostly in the district of Sant'Anastasia di Randazzo. Other objects were recorded in the same location of the excavations of Antonino Salinas (1898-1899) and Paolo Orsi (1904). Among these stands out the "Oinochoe Vagliasindi", an oinochoe attica a figure depicting the rare myth of the harpies that annoy the blind king Finee and punished by the Boreadi (Zete and Calaide) [1]. The exhibition is divided into five rooms on the ground floor: central hall: "Oinochoe Vagliasindi", numismatic collection, jewelery and some small bronzes; first room: Late Corinthian ceramics (from the 6th to the beginning of the 4th century BC) and Ionian (6th century BC); second room: Attic black-figure pottery; third room: Attic pottery with black and red figures, including lekythoi of the painter of Haimon (480 BC), of the painter of Bowdoin and of the painter of Icarus; fourth room with Hellenistic siceliot and Italiot ceramics.